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10X Your Relationship In ONE Conversation

10X Your Relationship In ONE Conversation

Get your FREE copy of my second book "How to 10X Your Relationship in ONE Conversation!"

In this short book you'll learn about the power behind the four major key questions that if mastered and put into regular use will help aid you in reconnect, increase the intimacy between you two, and create and unstoppable relationship ship!

It can take just one conversation to level up your relationship and this book shows you the way to do it! 👈🤯

Need proof? 🤔😲

Let me share with you the story of one my coaching clients who we'll call Shandra...

Shandra contacted me about a worry she was having in her marriage. She shared that she was scared that her marriage was headed for divorce.

She didn't want to get divorced. 😢😭 She loved her husband and her family but there was something that was driving a wedge between them. I asked her "What do you think is driving that wedge between you two?"

She paused for a couple seconds and then sighed and responded. "I think it is the way he responds to me." I said "Really? How does he respond or talk to you or at you?"

"There's just this negative, sarcastic, kind of condescending type of tone to it." 😒😥 At first she didn't think much of it but after a few years it really started to get to her and make her feel less than mad that he thought she was dumb, or an idiot. She is a college educated smart woman and not a dummy by any means. I could tell that within just a few minutes of meeting her at the entrepreneurial event we met at.

I recalled an instance where I realized how a lot of women feel like men talk to them in a certain way which was taught to me my Brendon Burchard. This concept was a big eye opener to me! I shared this golden nugget of knowledge with her.

She agreed to have a meeting with her husband that coming Sunday to discuss her hurt feelings using the method I discussed with her. I didn't hear from her for a couple of weeks.

She contacted me via email thanking me for the advice and told me what had happened during the talk, what here family had implemented as a result of the advice and talk and she also declared that they were happier and closer as a couple and a family than they had been in years! 😍🥰😘😇👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Want to know what that tip was and what the implemented? I knew you would! 😀

Get your FREE copy of How to 10X Your Relationship in ONE Conversation today and begin leveling up the intimacy and connection in your relationship today, won't you?

What do you have to lose? It's FREE!!! 😀

Remember, it only takes one person to level up a relationship!



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