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7 Secrets To An Extraordinary Relationship Your Parents Couldn't Teach you

7 Secrets To An Extraordinary Relationship Your Parents Couldn't Teach you

I am so VERY proud of this book!

7 Secrets To An Extraordinary Relationship is the first book I ever published. It was a labor of love to be sure. I delayed writing it for years but once I got disciplined and focused the words and the writing happened pretty quickly.

I'd started diving into self-improvement and relationship science back in 2002 after a very painful divorce followed by unsuccessful relationships in the years that followed.

Around 2007, I started sharing what I learned about self-improvement, high performance habits, and both the anecdotal and scientific information it takes to not only create a great and thriving relationship but to keep it amazing.

In this book you'll learn everything I learned from coaching clients and also what I learned from 15 years of research and study. You'll learn how to understand yourself, your partner and implement the steps to reconnect with your love and build a connected unstoppable fire that is the love between you two.

Please, Please, once you've read my book, I humbly ask that you head out to Amazon and leave a review and tell how it helped you to level up your relationship or even if your single, how it helped you to shift your paradigm and prepare you for your next relationship.

Endorsed by Dr. Julie Helmrich, a 30+ year clinical psychologist.

Here is what she said: "Thomas Pate writes with wit, kindness, and compassion.

When you read this book you’ll feel like you’re in his living room, having a friendly heart-to-heart conversation.

It’s a very easy-to-read book and has practical tips for anyone wanting to up-level their relationship.

It’s great to read a book by a guy on marriage who has “failed” but "owned" the failure, committed to learning about what to do next and to becoming an example to all of us wanting to take our committed relationships up a notch."

Sending you all the positive vibes I can muster...




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