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After The Honeymoon

How Conflict Can Improve Your Relationship

Author: Daniel B. Wile, PH.D.

After The Honeymoon

Get your copy her now! After The Honeymoon

Daniel doesn’t just talk about the science of relationships and what people do wrong with communication in their relationship, he provides specific examples of conversation; how to respond to statements that typically set people off, and how to turn what was typically negative interactions about sensitive subjects to better understanding between the couple and a closer connection.

One of the blurbs from Philip Cowan sums it nicely… ”Most couples get stuck in negative cycles and would give anything to anything to find a way out. Dan Wile provides masterful examples of how parnters’ negative thinking and uncontrolled emotion can be transformed into a state of couple relationship wisdom. All of us who take couple relationship seriously will benefit personally and professionally from reading this book.”

In After The Honeymoon, Dan Wile shows you how to turn the inevitable problems that occur in a relationship into opportunities for intimacy. Most of these problems result from feelings we’re unable to express and conversations we’re not able to have:

· We become angry because we’re unable to confide feeling hurt to our partner

· We become defensive because we’re not able to confide feeling threatened to our partner

· We become uncompromising because of the hidden compromises we’re already making

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