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EP 57 - Ever have an argument with your spouse that didn't actually happen?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Ever have an argument with your spouse that didn't actually happen?

Have you ever had a morning where you and your spouse wake up at the same time and start going thru your normal morning routine and you can tell something is off with them?

You ask what is wrong and she tells you in a hurtful voice " I had a bad dream and you hurt my feelings and I'm mad at you!" 🤬 😤

"Wait a minute..." you say. "You're mad at me because of a dream?" 🤔🤨😲

Crazy I know, but this actually happened to me several times.

I had to work for several hours to get the wife to detach from the dream and get her calmed down - it was a really bad dream so it really hurt her a lot.

I've also had arguments with her in my head. How? Why? 😇

I'd remember some argument we had and start to ruminate about it and start thinking how I'd handle it differently. I'd get all worked up and then reality would hit me in the face and realize how silly I was being.

Anything like this happen to you?

Whether yes or no, you're going to want to tune in to this week's episode to hear what I have to say about it and what I've learned since those times! 👍🤟

Remember, You’re only one conversation away from leveling up your relationship. Get to talking today! 😇




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