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EP 102: Why Love and Passion are Not Enough for a Great Relationship

Welcome to another episode of the Relationship Fitness Podcast! We all know that love and passion should be parts of every great relationship, right? My message today is that love and passion are not enough to make your relationship extraordinary. Love and passion are just emotions that we feel inside, and they can only affect your relationship if you take action on them. Join me for more!

It really is “all in your head”

I remember a time in high school when there was a certain young lady who caught my eye. I thought she was the ideal dream girl for me, and I had so much passion and puppy love for her. The problem was that I could never tell her how I felt about her because I felt unworthy and feared taking that risk. In my mind, though, I was in love with her. The lesson applies to our adult relationships in that so much of our relationship happens only in our thoughts. All our perceptions, self-doubt, emotions, and limitations we feel are part of an internal dialogue that is constantly running in our minds.

Get out of your head

It is not enough to have passion in your head and love in your heart for your spouse. Even the empathy, compassion, patience, and kindness we feel toward other people is not enough if it just stays in our heads. We have to show these feelings in our actions. We can tell someone that we love them every single day, but those are empty words if they aren’t backed up by actions. We need to do the little things every day to show our partner that our love goes far beyond our words.

Make connections

Whether it’s with your parents, siblings, children, or your partner, you have to do the things it takes to make human connections. It could be as simple as reminiscing about good times in the past and reflecting on memories, and that’s a great way to connect as long as we don’t get hung up on the past at the expense of the present. Don’t be content to let your relationship live in your head. Be proactive in your communication and connection. Show your partner every day that you love them and are living up to your vows and promises.

***Leave me your feedback. I want to hear how you are taking action to show your love and passion and how you wish your spouse would take action in showing love to you. Be a Relationship Warrior who fights hard for your marriage. Your relationship fitness matters! You are not just raising children, but someone’s future spouse and someone’s future parent. Go out there and be loving, kind, patient, and generous! Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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