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  • Tom Pate

EP 103: Relationship Tips for Every Couple

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! Today’s episode is about relationship tips that every couple can use. These tips may sound like common sense, but as I’ve heard many times, “Common sense is not always common practice.” Join me to learn more!

Don’t take things for granted

You can’t rely on how things appear on the surface, but you have to dig deeper. This certainly applies to relationships. When it comes to making connections and maintaining closeness with your partner, you have to pay attention to the deep things. Just dealing with surface problems will only lead to divorce, alimony, child support, and a host of other undesirable situations that won’t fulfill the dreams you have for your life.

Relationship tips every couple can use

Reintroduce meaningful communication into your relationship. The keyword there is meaningful. Be diligent about talking with each other, no matter how busy your lives are. Don’t leave your communication on the surface level.

Don’t become demanding in the way you speak to your spouse. It’s important to still be NICE to each other. If you can’t be nice, you are already on the slippery slope to divorce.

Be sincere about your love. Don’t relax and take your love for granted. Be “on purpose” with your love for your partner.

Share hobbies together. You don’t have to do EVERYTHING together, but there needs to be some activities, tasks, or fun things that you can both enjoy together.

Acknowledge freely. Continue to find reasons to acknowledge your spouse and say “thank you” every single day. The little things matter and they add up over time to build your true love connectedness.

Go to bed together. Different schedules may make this difficult, but it’s important to unwind and disconnect from everything (and everyone) else together.

***Leave me your feedback. Let me know how you are improving your connection with your spouse. Share the podcast with someone else who can use some Relationship Fitness. We can help others in their relationships. Your relationship fitness matters! You are not just raising children, but someone’s future spouse and someone’s future parent. Go out there and be loving, kind, patient, and generous! Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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