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EP: 40 The 3 biggest myths that are actually killing your relationship

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

What an AMAZING episode I have for you today!!

Today you're going to hear an interview I did with one of my main mentors Dr. Julie Helmrich

She is a 37+ year clinical psychologist who specializes in helping couples regain intimacy and connection even when there has been infidelity. Wow! How hard is that???

This EP is almost two full hours but don't let that scare ya off.

This one is filled full of Relationship Fitness gold and you're going to want to take notes and listen to this over and over again to squeeze all the wisdom you can out of it!!

In this episode you'll learn:

  • How three big myths we've all been programmed to believe by Hollywood, the media, and even our families kill our relationship starting on the wedding day

  • The truth about how women think about sex and how often

  • You'll also get to hear her correct me after I slide back into one of the myths without even realizing it. What???

Man! After all these years of study and a few years of studying with her, I still fall into the old myths/lies.

When she caught me doing it and let me know what I did, I was like, Oh My God! I can't believe I just did that!!!

But see that just goes to show how deep the programming goes. If we are not staying focused we can slip back into the old myths especially when talking about old stories from our youth.

Remember, You're only one conversation away from leveling up your relationship!



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