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EP: 41 The 8 Tips for Building Appreciation and Connection

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Today I have a fantastic episode for you!

This recording is an excerpt from a video I did on this subject and after watching it again, I thought hey that is a great subject for this week's podcast.

I chuckled a bit when I first watched/listened to it because prior to recording, I was having all kinds of issues. I was shooting live and had to restart several times and then…

I get a visit from Brutus who is "the beast" I mention in the beginning. But…I got it all situated and pulled off a great episode!

In this one, you're going to learn about 8 simple and easy things you can do that will level up the connection in your relationship. I also share some advice I got back in the Navy that was bad advice and degraded connection.

Listen in close and put at least one of these in play today and then as many as you can in the next month or so.


#RelationshipFitness #RelationshipWarrior

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