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EP 51 - Don't wait till it IS a BIG DEAL

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Relationship Fitness Podcast EP51 - Don't Wait Till It is a BIG DEAL!

EP 51 - Don't wait till it IS a BIG DEAL!

Have you ever heard anyone describe their relationship as a “train wreck of a

marriage”? 😱 😭

Maybe you’ve said something similar. I hope not but if you have, or even if you haven’t you’ll want to listen to this episode and head my warning before hell on earth invades your reality.

Take a listen to this one and hear about this conversation I have with a guy about his train wreck and what to do about it.

Look, the fact is relationships, marriage run into trouble. 😔 They are hard and it takes even harder work to keep them from disintegrating into hell on earth.

The great news is it has been figured out! 👋🤘

That’s the easy part. Somebody has been through the same situation as you and figured out how to turn it around and either made a video, wrote a book, or put their info in a podcast.

This is why I put the Relationship Fitness podcast together, so you don’t have to work as hard trying to figure this relationship stuff on your own through trial and error AND that is why you need to keep listening to this podcast.

You see, I’ve been diving into self-improvement and relationship science for almost twenty years now and I love to share what I’ve learned from couples who’ve had amazingly connected relationships for decades and have shared how they did it!

I also love digging into the actual real-life science that people like John Gottman have discovered over the past forty years.

I learn and share so you don’t have to spend so much time on your own. 😲 This saves you valuable time so you can just go right to the good stuff of what I’ve discovered all synergized into down-to-earth easy to understand tips, steps, and methodologies.

Remember, one conversation can level up your relationship for the better.

Your Relationship Warrior coach,



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