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EP 63 - Is your relationship on the road to becoming another statistic or a positive legacy?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

EP 63 - Is your relationship on the road to becoming another statistic or a positive legacy?

The importance of getting your relationship connection and level of intimacy to a state of displaying and leaving a positive legacy cannot be overstated.

The future state of our world 🌎 depends on it! 🤔🤨

That might seem pretty intense but let’s play that out a bit. One way or another your relationship with your partner is perpetuating a legacy – the question is…is it a positive or negative legacy you’re perpetuating?

In this episode, I talk about the importance of relationship legacy and relationship equity as well.

What’s the difference?

Relationship legacy is the example your relationship is displaying and the relationship habits we teach our kids, 👶👧👦 and those habits get perpetuated for generations down the road.

Relationship equity is well, I like to think of it as a fixer-upper real estate investment. Through “sweat equity” and hard work over time you’re hoping to someday reap a profit from the initial investment. 💰🤑 It’s not guaranteed you’ll make a profit nor how long it will take for the market to rise before it makes sense to sell.

Similarly, in relationships, when we put in consistent work and resist the temptation to get comfortable and then get lazy and plateau, we have a better chance of having an awesome relationship. Unlike real estate, relationship equity doesn’t have the goal to trade one partner for another every few years 🤣 and therefore has a better chance of long-term success.

This is because since you’re in it for the long haul versus a few years like in real estate, you get more time to work on it and thus can get more returns on your investment and consistent work in and on the relationship. 🎯 That’s a key point there. Did you catch it? 👈

If you co-create an amazing relationship and build an awesome relationship legacy, you get to reap the benefits from your investment (work) many times over the span of many years 😍 and then can reap the benefits (joy) of seeing your kids in great loving well-connected relationships down the road.

Also, your relationship legacy doesn’t just affect you and your kids. It also affects those people who come in contact and observe your awesome relationship. When they emulate your relationship habits and others copy them…voila! Your relationship is affecting the future state of the world! 🤩🥳

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Remember, just one conversation can levels up your relationship!

Your Relationship Warrior coach, 💪😎





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