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EP 69 - Good Days and Bad Days

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! I’ve got practical tips and helpful resources to share with you about today’s topic: bad days and good days. Even the best relationships have both bad days and good days. Why? Because we are human, and these days are the essence of life. I’m sharing lessons I’ve learned to deal with the bad days and make those good days even better. How can your relationship be better today than it was yesterday? Join me for today’s episode!

Don’t be a hypocrite

When either partner is having a bad day, my military side wants to identify the problem, fix it, and move on. In relationships, things are different, and a different approach is needed. Mistakes happen, but no one has all the answers. Learn to solve problems together. When your partner is down and defeated, your primary job is to listen and be their cheerleader, confidante, and critic. Don’t be the critic who tears down, but be the one who builds up and inspires excellence.

Have compassion for each other

Realize that we all have bad days because there is always pressure in providing and caring for a family. Pressure can come from internal and external directions. Sometimes one partner has to carry the load with compassion and understanding while the other partner gets back on their feet. Face the bad days with a WE mentality---together.

Have patience and understanding

The ugly truth is that we are human and frail. We fail sometimes. Aim high in your relationship, but know that there will be failures. We don’t always know the reasons behind someone’s bad day, so patience and understanding are key elements in a strong relationship.

**Leave me your thoughts. I’d love to know how you show compassion, patience, and understanding in your relationship. Remember that creating and maintaining a loving, passionate relationship is the best legacy we can leave for our kids and grandkids, so let’s get to it!

Your Relationship Warrior coach, 💪😎






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