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EP 70 - Eagles, wolves, cougars and #RelationshipFitness OH My!

Welcome to Episode 70 of the Relationship Fitness Podcast! When it comes to your relationship, being OK is not OK! When someone asks how you are doing, a “not too bad” reply still suggests that things are bad. Don’t settle for just being compatible with your partner. Your relationship can be so much more! Join me for a closer look!

The mighty, soaring eagle

When a relationship is fresh and new, it is soaring like an eagle--way up on “cloud nine,” we might say. But over time, our relationship might take some hits as we encounter life’s storms. As the eagle that is our relationship dips and dives, it may drift down to a plateau where we are “just OK.” We mistakenly think that state will continue, but we can’t see the changes that are occurring. With clipped wings, our relationship is stuck, and the plateau becomes a downward slide toward “We’re OK” hell or even divorce hell. Our relationship drama becomes a bad influence on everyone, and we leave a bad relationship legacy for our kids and grandkids, who are watching and learning from us.

Watch out for wolves and cougars!

When the eagle (relationship) isn’t soaring anymore, it’s stuck on the plateau and can’t avoid the wolves and cougars that are hiding in the bushes and behind the rocks. The wolves and cougars are people around us who have a weak moral compass--or no moral compass. They are looking for weak spots and openings in our relationship so they can jump in and offer “just what we need.” They don’t understand or just don’t care that they are interfering in an established relationship, and we fall prey to them.

Keep working at Relationship Fitness!

If you don’t keep working to improve your relationship fitness, then your wings will be clipped, and your relationship will have no choice but to become prey for the wolves and cougars that are prowling around. Your weakness will be exploited, and your relationship can be ruined forever. How can we keep this from happening? Seek out books, resources, mentors, and counselors that can help strengthen your relationship. Don’t get comfortable and settle for being OK with being OK! What are you teaching your kids about relationships? Let’s get to work and stop the relationship dysfunction!

***I want your feedback! Let me know how your relationship is soaring and how you are fighting to be more than just OK. Tell me how you are strengthening your relationship and what topics you want to hear about on the podcast. Thanks for listening!

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