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EP 72 - Scheduling Your Relationship Success

Thanks for joining me on the Relationship Fitness Podcast! I just went through a coaching workshop with my Mastermind group, and I learned a lot! Something that came up in our discussions is the idea of blocking out calendar time for priorities, which usually assures that we give our attention to that important thing. Can we apply this technique to prioritizing quality time together in our relationship? We all have busy, busy lives, but we can’t allow our relationship to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Join me as we explore this idea!

Block out time for your spouse

Scheduling time for things you need to do is a good way to give them your attention. If you’ve blocked time in your day for your spouse, then nothing short of an emergency should keep that from happening. We are used to putting so many other obligations first that our relationship often gets pushed to the back burner. We have to do better. Work obligations, our kids and their activities, and keeping the household running cannot take over and squeeze out our quality time together. Get out your calendar and give it a try.

Remember that routines are just habits--and they can be changed If your routine has become “everything else ahead of relationship time,” then that’s a habit that can be changed. We can’t allow other people’s priorities to come before our number one priority--and that includes your kids. Obviously, young children require more of your attention, but as they grow up, they need to see that your time together is a priority. Your number one priority in your life is your true-love connection to each other, and nothing should take precedence over that.

Create new habits

Both of you should get together and remember the things you most enjoy doing together. Coordinate your work schedules and other commitments, and then schedule out date nights and getaways. Nothing should interrupt these scheduled times unless it is urgent. Agree together that careers, family commitments, and other activities will not happen at the expense of your relationship. How much better is it to be gloriously happy together than to sacrifice it all for a career or more money--and end up being miserable roommates who barely tolerate each other? Scheduling fun activities together creates an excited expectation that will relieve a lot of the stress of daily life, and that’s always a good thing. So, go ahead, plan that date night or weekend getaway---and put it on the calendar right now!

***Leave me your comments. I want to hear your feedback about how you are prioritizing your relationship and keeping the connection alive and thriving. Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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