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EP 73 - How to Cure Your Relationship Problems

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! There are always beneficial things we can learn from others if we just pay attention. I’m focusing today’s show on what I’ve learned from a blog post written by Alexis Meads, 10 Things People Who Are Great At Relationships Do Differently. Some of the points she makes seem like common sense, but some are relationship secrets that we all need to know. Join me as we zero in on just two of her “10 Things.”

Release false expectations of your partner.

Don’t become attached to the expectations you have of your partner. When someone doesn’t meet our expectations, we become hurt and heartbroken, even if they did nothing wrong. It’s not fair to the other person, especially if we think we can change the other person once we get married, move in together, etc. Everyone is human and has their faults and weaknesses, but we tend to overlook our own faults and focus solely on our partner’s.

Stop projecting your baggage onto your partner.

THIS is the cure for 90% of relationship problems. We tend to project our insecurities onto our partner without even realizing it. We have blind spots that are “automatic negative relationship reactions.” Many times, we are attracted to what we want to become, but the attraction turns to criticism and blame when we can’t develop those same qualities in ourselves. Those insecurities and our reactions to them can be the downfall of our relationship. We have to understand that relationships are a vehicle for our own growth, and our partner in life may be our greatest teacher. We have to embrace the lessons!

***Leave me your feedback. I want to hear your comments about what inspires you to have a great relationship. Tell me your good relationship habits and share your best tips. Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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