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EP 75 - Best Resources for Relationship Advice

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! We can learn new tips and tricks as we listen to other people’s mistakes and successes. There are many, many relationship resources out there, but how do you know who has good advice? Let’s talk about it!

Your relationship situation is not unique We often try to convince ourselves that no one understands us or that no one else has the same struggles that we do. The truth is that people say those things as an excuse to give up and do nothing more to find solutions. If you think you’ve “tried everything,” what that really means is that you haven’t found the right resource yet. There is always someone who has faced the same struggle in their relationship--and figured it out.

Who to listen to There is much to be learned from the successes and mistakes of others. One of the best resources for relationship advice is hearing the stories from couples who have had a thriving relationship over many decades. Go to an elderly community and find couples who are walking around holding hands or enjoying an occasional smooch on a park bench. They have the answers to how a relationship survives the ups and downs of life while retaining its connection. Most older couples would love to share their experiences and thoughts with a younger couple looking for advice. Other helpful resources include books, articles, seminars, courses, lectures, and blogs by proven relationship experts. Google has millions of resources for improving date night, communication, intimacy, and more. It’s easy to find something relevant to your situation if you aren’t too lazy to do the work and take action to fix what’s broken.

Who NOT to listen to Don’t listen to those who always complain about their spouse and their life. They are usually miserable, and they want to share that misery with others. They will not help your relationship! Don’t listen to the single person who “has all the answers” about relationships but has never succeeded at relationship fitness. There may even be someone in your family who has had a bad relationship and is full of advice, but they are not the voice you need to hear. Stay away from those who are not FOR your relationship and those whose advice doesn’t strengthen your relationship.

***Leave me your feedback. I want to hear how you are learning more and strengthening your true-love connection. Improving your relationship fitness and solidifying your relationship legacy WILL make a difference. Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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