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EP 76 - Create an Environment of Sharing Without Fear

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! You need foundational skillsets for a great relationship, and many of those revolve around how you communicate with each other. Let’s take a look at tips around communication!

Foster an environment that promotes trust

Your relationship needs to be a place where you and your spouse can communicate freely without fear of ridicule or explosion. How do you get there? It takes care, kindness, empathy, presence, understanding, and true listening. It’s important to give each other time to speak and share each day. Your partner should trust that you are “all in” and that you both are encouraged to talk, share, and vent about each day. The real test is how you react when the tough topics come up. Can you handle them with the same care and understanding?

Don’t expect your partner to heal you

It sounds crazy, but even though your partner may match up with the energy you put out in times of crisis, they are not the long-term answer for the healing you need from past hurts. They may help you grow through challenges, but then things may change. Don’t expect them always to have the solution. You have to continue to heal yourself and keep the lines of communication open to voice how things are changing--in a place of no fear. Remember, your sharing environment should promote trust. When the hard topics come up, you’ve already created the environment for sharing and talking about them openly.

Separate facts from feelings

When discussing those sensitive topics with each other, separate the facts from the feelings. Don’t let hurt and wounds from the past cloud the situation over. Focus on the facts about how you can both work to bring change, and don’t let the same issues continue to be problem spots in the future. Focusing on the facts helps diffuse the feelings of fear.

***Leave me your feedback. I want to hear how you are working to create an environment of trust and sharing in your relationship. Improving your relationship fitness and solidifying your relationship legacy WILL make a difference. Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!

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