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EP 89: Don't Fall Into the Trap of Relationship Victimhood Competition

Welcome to the Relationship Fitness Podcast! Today’s show focuses on the all-important domino effect of our thoughts, words, habits, character, and destiny. Join me as we explore how a simple mindset shift can change the way those “dominoes” fall!

Be conscious of your mindset

Most of what we think and feel about our relationship is in our head, but we can’t keep our thoughts there; we have to engage in communication with our partner. Find your voice! Improve how you think about your spouse, your kids, and your family. I’ve seen so many people in the trap of “competitive victimhood,” where they compete to see who has the worst spouse and who is the biggest victim of everything awful in life. What a terrible mindset!

What makes the difference?

What separates couples with great relationships from “the herd”? So many men and women are trapped in that victimhood competition, and they only think and talk about how awful their lives and relationships are. Change your thoughts! If your group of friends lives in a victimhood mentality, then find new friends! If you aren’t actively engaged in controlling your thoughts, words, habits, and behaviors, then you are like a person in a canoe without a paddle. You have no choice but to drift along with the current, oblivious to the dangers around you and helpless to save yourself. Be aware of how you think and speak about your relationship, engage with your spouse, and always look to make improvements.

Don’t be a relationship zombie!

Being part of the herd of competitive victimhood or being the person who drifts along in their relationship with no effort to improve is like being a zombie. You know, like the ones in TV shows. Don’t take your relationship for granted. Don’t be a lazy ass in your relationship. Take the time and make the effort to communicate with your spouse and change your mindset. Get up and get working to change your mindset and your actions!

***Leave me your feedback. I want to know how you are working on your relationship and changing your mindset, especially if you are a recovering “competitive victim.”

Improving your relationship fitness and solidifying your relationship legacy WILL make a difference. You are not just raising children, but someone’s future spouse and someone’s future parent. Go out there and be loving, kind, patient, and generous! Let’s help save the world--one relationship at a time!



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