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EP02: PT I - Your Relationship Legacy - What Your Little Sponges Are Learning

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Did you know, relationship legacy has the power to destroy our planet or save it?

Relationship Legacy? What is that? Why is it important?

Ever wonder about the truth behind where terms like “You’re just like your...” dad/mom comes from?

Or have you ever wondered, why are some families are riddled with divorce and toxic relationships generation after generation while other families have many loving, fulfilling, long lasting relationships?

Here’s a hint and why you need to listen to this one! >>> Simply put, relationship legacy is the relationship habits kids learn from their parents which they act out in their own relationships and then pass on down to their own kids.

In essence, the relationship legacy we pass on to our kids is either raising the level of love, compassion, and awareness in the world or it is helping to drag society and the world down the tubes. It is either helping to increase the number of happy people or toxic leaches on society.

What kind of relationship legacy are you setting for your little sponges?

In this episode you’ll learn more:

  • What relationship legacy is

  • Why it is a foundation to creating loving, connected, long lasting relationships

  • Why it is the key to saving the world one relationship at a time

You'll get access to all the show notes from every episode and be able to have free access to my upcoming Relationship Fitness Academy online video course.

Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

Also, PLEASE leave a review and download the episode from iTunes and help me spread the word about the podcast so we can all help save the world one relationship at a time!

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