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EP03: PT I - The Scales of Relationship Equity

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

So a few years back I took a brief dive into the real estate investment world.

While I learned a lot, some things were quite frankly common sense. Like buy low, buy quality properties, sell fast and as high as possible…

I still dabble in it a bit but I haven't really devoted the time, energy or resources to take it to the next level to get to the passive income stage. It occurred to me recently thought how some of the things that make for a successful real estate investment can also apply to relationship fitness, specifically one vital point and that is positive equity.

POSITIVE EQUITY is a vital piece in, not only surviving in the real estate arena but…

you really cannot survive very long or reach the higher levels of success and financial freedom without it. Sure you may take a hit now and then but consistent positive equity is a must in most real estate success equations.

It is the same with relationships!

If we are not consistently investing in or creating positive equity in our relationship with our soulmate we can quickly slip into negative equity and lose all of our investment.

You’ve seen it, right? Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship that degraded into a toxic mess and at some point wondered how the heck you got there.

But it doesn’t have to be that way…it doesn’t have to keep slipping down the slippery slope to divorce and a rut of bitterness and loneliness.

You can learn how to not only rekindle the spark but create a long lasting, passionate true love connection with your soulmate.

That is what the three part serious The Scales of Relationship Equity is all about – what relationship equity is, how you measure it and, how to immediately take it up to the next level.

I really hope you enjoy this episode and get some great tips you can apply in your own life.

P.S. got any great tips of you own that has helped you to build great equity in your relationship? Leave a comment below and share the wisdom. :)

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You'll exclusive get access to all the show notes from every episode and be able to have free access to my upcoming Relationship Fitness Academy online video course.

Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

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