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EP06: Money: Sizzle or Sap? How Is Money Impacting Your Relationships? w/ Debbie Todd, the Spunky CP

This week I'm talking with a good friend of mine Debbie Todd, the spunky CPA !

Have you ever wondered why so many relationships fail or what is the biggest single cause of a relationship ending?

Maybe you haven't. But I'm betting you might have wondered why you keep having troubles in your own relationships, right?

Well, I'm here to tell you, there is no one single answer.

But there is one reason that is given over and over as the biggest issue between couples.

And that is...wait for it....It's Money!

WHY YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE>>>> You will learn just as I've come to learn, that MONEY IS THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE given when couples are asked about the main reasons they broke up.

Now, we all know that money is not the only thing in life or relationships...

but it can make life a whole lot easier and the mismanagement of your money (frivolous spending or the evils of financial infidelity) in a relationship can spell disaster for many couples.

All you have to do is take a look at the soaring divorce rates to see that!

This is where Debbie comes in..

Debbie is a CPA with nearly 20 of years experience and several titles behind her name such as CTP, CGMA, and CFEI.

Now I have no clue what those mean but that doesn’t matter.

Because what does matter is why Debbie is on the relationship fitness podcast today.

You see…

Debbie calls herself the spunky CPA and she has what she calls a heart-passion for you to get off the money madness roller coaster and achieve your money stewardship life plan goals.

What does that have to do with creating and maintaining great relationships, you ask?

Well, whether your relationship is doing OK with money habits or ya need some serious help...

You’re gonna want to stick around till the end to hear all the golden nuggets of wisdom and tips this spunky CPA has used to help thousands of clients turn money from a challenge in their marriage into one of their biggest strengths.

Debbie also shares how a rock-solid money life plan became the foundation to her and her husband's marriage of 30 plus years and counting!

Remember to head out to Debbie's website

There You Can Take The First Step - From Money Stress and Overwhelm to a Peaceful, Joyous and Abundant Life…in Less than an Hour!

Get Debbie's free info-graph on how to put the sizzle back in your money!

Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

Also, PLEASE leave a review and download the episode from iTunes and Stitcher and help me spread the word about the podcast so we can all

help save the world one relationship at a time!! :)

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