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EP07: Dress & Date Like You Have Inside Information w/ Catherine Storing

This week I’m here with Catherine Storing!!

She is a Bestselling author on Amazon with several different books. One book in particular Relationships: Dress & Date Like You Have Inside Information Caught my eye recently and

You know, a lot of people give a lot of thought about how they dress, but I wonder how much thought is given to the type of people we attract by the way we dress?

Do we really understand that how we dress and even how we present ourselves attracts a certain type of person?

Well, if you’ve never thought along those lines you’re going to want to pay close attention to this episode!

I’ve known Catherine for several years and we’ve had a few really great conversations about are right in line with the message of the Relationship Fitness podcast. She is a prolific author and she is also pretty intuitive when it comes to relationship dynamics.

When her new book came out I just had to get her on the podcast as soon as possible!

Catherine is an amazing fashionista and knows what she is talking about when it comes to romance and fashion and can help you do a better job of attracting the right match for you by paying attention to the message you are sending by the way you dress.

It was a great time interviewing Catherine and I know you are going to enjoy this episode!


Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

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