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EP08: Love Me 5X Relationship Tip – How to Immediately Improve Your Connection to Your Soulmate

Do you know the top 5 ways your lover likes to be loved?


What does that mean?

Here is another question for you? Do you know the top 5 ways you like to be loved?

What do I mean? What I mean is, are you aware of specifically how you know somebody loves you or how or what you want your lover to do in order for you to feel loved?

Have you even ever thought about that or given any significant time to contemplate that question? I know I didn’t. I mean you know…

Aside from sex, we all pretty much know what we like our lover to do to us sexually or not do to us but outside of the bedroom, what is it you need to see, feel, hear or touch?

How many of you think you know what your soulmate needs from you to know you love them?

What if I was to tell you that the majority of people love their soulmate, and that’s love as a verb, the way in which they themselves want to be loved but NOT usually the way their soulmate needs or wants to feel loved.

What do I mean by that?

We typically will love someone in the way was normally want to be loved. We may not have really contemplated how we ourselves want to be loved, and sadly have not asked them how they want to be loved but rather assume that what we like; what makes us feel important, what makes us feel good about ourselves and the relationship should naturally be the same for our soulmate.

Makes sense right? Well…yes and know. You see it is natural to think that way but it is wrong. Unless…you and your soulmate are pretty much the same in almost every way and both have the same needs when it comes to feeling loved. But the thing is…

How do you know unless you ask? How do you know if you are doing the right things for her if you have not asked her? How do you think you are going to keep from descending into the “we’re ok” phase of the relationship unless you talk about how you both need and want to feel loved

And… what things you might be doing that makes them feel unloved???

Listen to this episode of the Relationship Fitness Podcast and I guarantee you gain some wisdom and tips to immediately improve you love relationship!!!!

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