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EP09: Take Off Your Relationship War Mask

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Did you know that most of us grow up conditioned to wear a relationship war mask?

What is a relationship war mask?

More about that in just a minute…

The real question here is…are you being who you truly are when you are getting to know a person you are attracted to romantically? How about when you met your soulmate?

Did you act like your true self or who you thought you needed to be to get them to like you?

Or how about this one…

After being in a relationship for a while does a different side of who you are as a person emerge?

Has a lover ever said to you "You've changed. You're not the same loving person I fell in love with..." after you moved in together or got married? Why do you think that is?

Or how about when a relationship started to not go so well…have you found yourself going into an emotional protection mode?

Did you start doing and saying things that kept you from being vulnerable or withhold sex or love to the one you say you love? Well…

That is exactly what I mean by war mask and why this episode is all about why we need to figure out what our war masks are and why it is important to take them off and keep them off.

Jump into this episode my friends…you’re sure to get a few golden nuggets for you to think about! :)

Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

Also, PLEASE leave a review and download the episode from iTunes and help me spread the word about the podcast so we can all

help save the world one relationship at a time

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