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EP11: How Not to Lose Yourself In Your Relationship w/ Coach Amber Briggs

This week's interview is with coach Amber Briggs!

Coach Briggs focuses on helping people being empowered in life and her expertise is helping people build confidence in their relationships and all parts of their lives so they can fire on all cylinders.

You know… it really doesn’t matter what generation you are in whether it is baby boomers or millennials or somewhere in between…

We all have successes and challenges in our relationships.

One of the common challenges facing people in relationships, no matter the age group, is the feeling of losing who they are to the relationship.

What does that mean anyway… losing yourself???

Well, instead of defining it let me ask you a question.

Do you find yourself feeling like you give, give, and give to the relationship to keep it afloat and somewhere along the way lost your self-identity?

Is your whole focus in life about giving to the other person and the relationship?

How long ago was it that you stopped doing anything the made you feel good or took time out to get in touch with you?

If that sounds like you and how you feel your relationship is going, then you’ll want to listen into this episode with coach Amber Briggs!!

In this episode, you'll find out how not to lose yourself in your relationship and we also discuss the importance of a ton of other great stuff that is sure to lift your relationship IQ like:

  • How to stay true to who you are

  • Know what your boundaries are and what your non-negotiables are

  • Why expecting equal reciprocity to match your giving doesn’t work

  • Why it is important to set time aside time and activities for your self during the day/week

  • What things you need to do to love and take care of yourself to be healthy in your relationship

  • The less self-worth you have the more likely you are to lose yourself in the relationship and the more likely the relationship become one sided

  • The best way to attract a great match in your mate

Head out to coach Amber Briggs' website after listening to this week's episode to work with her by clicking here! :)

Comment below and let me know what you think and what other subjects you want to hear about.

Also, PLEASE leave a review and download the episode from iTunes and help me spread the word about the podcast so we can all

help save the world one relationship at a time

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