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EP24: You're Being Faithfull to Your Spouse, But Are You Being Authentic?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This episode covers one of the most important thing in any successful relationship! The most important thing is being authentic...

If you are not being who you really are but instead, being the person, acting in the way you think is going to get them to like you...

What do you think is going to happen when you let your guard down and start being who you really are? How will they react to your habits that you kept hidden while being on your best behavior?

Great question huh!

When this happens, we start hearing people say things like, "What happened to the person I fell in love with?" or "You've changed!" or "They weren't like that when we were dating. When we moved in together they flipped a 180!" "He was such a sweet guy until we had sex, then he turned into a rude jerk!"

Ever feel that way? Ever hear or say anything like those statements? It doesn't feel good does it. Or maybe you've been the one who has been accused of changing...

You've got to listen to this episode to get a big clue in this are and learn why you have to be authentic if you want to achieve a long-lasting true love connection that works.

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