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EP25: Why an OK relationship is NOT OK

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

In this episode, I go a bit deeper talking about why having an OK romantic relationship is NOT OK.

If are at a point where you're thinking you deserve better, you are absolutely right. You do! BUT this doesn't mean it is time to start searching for another lover.

It just means you haven't figured out how to love each other in a way that will fulfill both your needs.

Here are some bits from this episode and why you need to work to make your relationship better than OK which, is really saying it is mediocre:

  • You deserving better in a relationship doesn't mean finding someone else.

  • Being OK will not leave you feeling like the relationship is fulfilling nor will it build a great relationship legacy.

  • OK leads to relationship drift and sitting around with others bitching about your spouse

So...really, if you are not happy with where it is, you have to ask yourself...What can you do to figure out how to get you reconnected and out of having just an OK relationship?

Listen into this one and you'll get some clues!

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