• Tom

EP32: Are You Worthy of Love? How Do You Know?

Updated: Sep 4

The first thing you have to have without question in order to find and maintain a true love awesomely connected relationship that last a lifetime is to know that you are worthy of a great love! 🤗 😍

Without that knowing you open yourself up to all kinds of dysfunctional relationships that don't work out...😝 😩

And...which you yourself sabotage because you don't feel worthy. You could hook up with the most wonderful person on the planet, the perfect match for you and whom you have been praying for years to come into your life.

But if you don't feel worthy of a great love you will settle for mediocre or even worse a toxic relationship...

If you feel you are not worthy then you feel you deserve something less than great. This is SO not true. YOUR ARE WORTHY OF A GREAT LOVE! 👏 👏 💑

Listen in on this one as I discuss the importance of believing you are and how it is vital to you finally having a great relationship.

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