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Livelong Love Affair

Lifelong Love Affair

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Lifelong Love Affair: How to Have a Passionate and Deeply Rewarding Marriage.

In this book, Jimmy Evans shows you and your spouse how to embrace God's dream for your marriage, cultivate romance and fun, and fulfill each other's spiritual, emotional, and sexual needs. 🥳🤩

This is s a great book and is full of golden nuggets of wisdom and practical steps you can add to your Relationship Fitness tool chest! It is a fun ready too! 🤣

This one quote is just one of the dozens of nuggets that spoke to me.

"A husband who understands the importance of gentle, nonsexual affection in a marriage will quickly learn the way to his wife's heart. Women need affection and touch to truly connect, and emotional connection is what turns a good marriage into a great one."

Here's what some others have said:

"No one speaks more clearly or passionately on the subject of marriage than Jimmy Evans. If you're looking for the kind of marriage that'll weather life's storms and still excite you decades from now, look no further, than this book." - Dr. Tony Evans

"God has a plan for your marriage, and it includes passion, romance, fun, and (shh!) a fulfilling sex life. 😍🤯 If your married or even thinking about getting married, read this book. Now" - Christine Caine

"If you want an indestructible marriage, reading this is step one." - Chris Hodges

Remember, it only takes one person to level up a relationship.


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