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EP: 45 What's Your Relationship Language? "Not Too bad" or Awesome?

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

I've got a doozy for you tAlright, alright, Alright!! 🥳

oday in this Relationship Fitness Podcast episode!

What's your relationship language? "Not too bad" or awesome?

Have you ever heard someone, or maybe you've done this yourself when asked how they are doing, or how their relationship is going - and the answer is...

Not too bad...? 😒

I've been guilty of that in the past and I quickly eliminated them from my vocabulary once I realized the negative 🤪 impact they have and why.

Take a listen to this episode and learn the "why" and how you can implement this tip to level up your relationship!


#RelationshipWarrior 💪


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