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Relationship Warrior Coats of Arms Shirt

Back view

Relationship Warrior Coats of Arms Shirt

Front side below

Relationship Warrior Coats of Arms Shirt

Get the official Relationship Warrior Coat of Arms swag.

I had this coat of arms specially designed to represent what it is to be a Relationship Warrior. You can snag yours here!

Sizes: Small to 3XL

Men's t-shirt Colors: black, maroon, green, white, gray

Women's t-shirt colors: black, pink, green, gray, white

Hoodie colors: black, red, white, blue, Navy blue

Mug colors: black, white, pink, maroon, brown

Made with premium soft cotton.

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The meaning of the symbols:

The lion is considered the king of the jungle. It's meant to portray one with great courage, nobility, and bravery, especially in battle.

The bear signifies that the bearer of this crest displays a fierce protective spirit that will fight to protect their kindred near and far. This symbol is also used to designate bravery, healing, and great strength of character and will.

The battle-ax represents a warrior that is ready and willing to fight for his relationship.

The red heart of course represents love but it and when it is on a coat of arms means love above all else is worth fighting for.


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